Single Cas12a gRNA domesticator (tS12D)

The first step for generating a CRISPR/Cas12a construct is the selection of the genomic target. The genomic target must contain a 20-23 nucleotides TARGET sequence preceded by the PAM sequence (5'-TTTV). To search your genomic targets minimizing off-targeting you can use online tools such as Benchling or CRISPR-P.

Once you have selected your 20-23 nucleotides TARGET sequence, you can create your GB-adapted guide RNA part using the web tool below:

CRISPR Domestication
  • 'The CRISPR domesticator tool will produce a domesticated crRNA sequence flanked by standard GB overhangs (prefix and suffix). If you prefer to create your own non-standard flanking 4 nucleotide overhangs, please provide them in the boxes below (optional). Please note that if you choose the custom option the resulting oligonucleotides will not assemble with the rest of GB standard CRISPR elements.'