GB TU Assembler

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have introduced some changes in the GB syntax to accommodate to the common standard agreed by several Plant laboratories (see Patron et al., New Phytologist 2015). These changes affect the B4 and B5 positions of the GB grammar in CT-fusions and hpRNA TUs. The GB tools work now with the New Grammar.

We encourage GB users to adapt to the new standard where possible. However, we understand you may still want to use your previously built GBparts that do not adapt to the new standard. You can do this by means of the "Custom Domestication" and "Free Assembler" options following the instructions provided at Custom CT fusions and Custom hpRNA

Remember that parts assembled in the former pUPD can be combined with those assembled in the pUPD2.

Once you have domesticated and incorporated to the GB database the new GBparts/superparts conforming your TU, you can combine them with any other GBpart/superpart of the GBcollection with this tool. To start using it click on the type of transcriptional unit you wish to built.